User satisfaction survey of the national Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic

Dear users!

To improve the quality of official statistical information and feedback to its users, as well as to identify their needs for official statistical information, the National Statistical Committee conducts a survey and asks You to answer our questions. Thank you for your participation!

Результаты опроса

1. What’s Your age?

2. Gender

3. Please identify Your city/oblast?

4. Which group of users do you belong to?

5. How often do You use official statistical information?

6. Which sectors of statistics are of greatest interest to You?

7. For what purposes do You use official statistical information?

8. Please evaluate our products and services on a 5-point scale: 0 - I do not know; 1 - completely unsatisfied; 2 - not satisfied, 3 - rather unsatisfied; 4 - satisfied; 5 - completely satisfied

9. Why you are not satisfied/rather unsatisfied with our products and services

10. Below ask You to evaluate the quality of products and services of NSC by the following criteria

11. Evaluate the NSC official website

12. Below we ask You to evaluate the NSC activities